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We integrate wellbeing into your company DNA, offering direct workplace coaching for your leadership teams, talents, and high potentials.

Innovative - Fast - Sustainable.

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Direct workplace coaching

We are there when you need us. SPARK integrates positive mental health into your corporate DNA. We support your team in their unique personal transformations. A transformation that spreads like a spark from person to person and to the entire company.

We make employees Happy

Happy employees who love what they do are at the heart of a company. We work with leaders, teams, and individual employees to ensure wellness and an overall positive mindset.

Fast and sustainable results

With our innovative method we get to the root of individual issues and work on them effectively. In a rapid, transformative and sustainable way.


Who participated and what was the issue - this remains exclusive with those it concerns: the coach and the coachee. Your employees decide the date, the place, and the focus of the session - with just a few clicks.

Innovative and unique in the market

We use a method developed by a renowned coach and therapist Marisa Peer. Our unique transformation framework brings lasting benefits.

As flexible as you need it to be

Your company purchases only as many SPARK sessions you need. You can top up your account at any time.

Let´s spark together and talk about mental health.

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How it works


You become a SPARK Business Partner and purchase a specific number of sessions for your employees.

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Select a SPARK coach

Your employees find the right SPARK coach from our team and benefit from their individual session.

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Feel and experience sustainable change

After the session, the coachee listens to a customized, personalized audio for three weeks to solidify the transformation and change.

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Overall Feedback

Following the session with a SPARK coach, the employee gives anonymous feedback to the coach. This is visible for the coach and the business partner. This is our approach to quality control.

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What our Clients say

I've struggled for a long time with the problem that I hate public appearances and I find it uncomfortable to speak in front of people. In the course of a cooperation with SPARK I got the offer to work on this problem. I was very skeptical that this one session would do anything, but I was also very curious about the method. Even after the session, I wasn't convinced that it would have any effect. It wasn't until I made a bigger public appearance again that I realized that something had changed. I really enjoyed presenting and was already looking forward to new performances. My attitude has changed completely.

David, 45, pharmaceutical industry

Being the center of attention, wheter at a conference or in a group meeting, has always involved certain amount of effort and overcoming für me. I felt like everyone else had more important things to say than me. As a leader, this has held me back quite a bit in the past. Just last week, thanks tot he unique method offered by SPARK, I had a „wow performance“ in the company: Many colleagues came up to me after the meeting and congratulated me on this confident ans authentic appearance. Thank you very much für accompnying my personal transformation – I love this new, liberating feeling!

Beata, 42, Leader in the Healthcare Management

2021 I reached my business-goal four months earlier as I had planned to do. Before the session I barely could imagine I could make it, but then I did it! Subconscious blocks were removed so quickly, it’s just phenomenal!

Anja, 37

By discovering and transforming my negative beliefs I was able to set free my full potential in business and private. I highly increased my self-esteem and can now speak in front of groups and still feel comfortable!

Theo, 33

I went to the beach for the first time in a long time without constantly worrying about my weight, brooding about what others think of me or doing what I think strangers want me to do. I feel good, I think I'm pretty and I like myself the way I am.

Frauke, 44

I felt some inner blocks that prevented me from succeeding. Fortunately, I came across SPARK. The session was so powerful. It felt like all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Ever since I can still feel that bliss inside me, and I feel happy and free to work on my projects.

Stefanie, 54

Day 25 without smoking feels like a liberating blow. Unbelievably good! I recommend Spark unreservedly, because thanks to this ONE session I am now a happy non-smoker.

Markus, 46

I had almost accepted that I sleep badly in stressful phases, wake up regularly at night and can' t get back to sleep because a thousand issues and to-do's are running through my head. One session showed me the causes and resolved them. My quality of sleep has improved significantly! I am fit and rested again. A great feeling.

Thorsten, 53

I was struggling with some personal insecurity issues. My SPARK coach took me to a peaceful and beautiful state with her voice. I felt all the time to be held in love with full security. After the session I was able to release a lot of my issues.

Merja, 41

I have always had the feeling that there is a heaviness that does not belong to me. By trying a SPARK session, I found the missing piece of the puzzle to evolve. I am thankful for the sensitive approach the SPARK coach showed towards me and I felt safe all along the way.

Adrian, 34

When we were offered SPARK sessions at the company, my first thought was "I'll do that right away". Then came the doubts and I was unsure whether this kind of coaching would really work for me - but it did, very well in fact. :-) Since the session I have the feeling that I have finally been able to solve some issues that made my life difficult at work on all levels. Even my relationship with "difficult" colleagues has improved.

Andrea, 39

I had big problems standing up for myself and asking for support, for example. Since the session, I no longer think about possible consequences, but have become much more self-confident and calmer. This helps me not only at work, but in all areas of my life.

Claudia, 44

I found myself at a dead end professionally and worried that I would not be able to move forward. It got worse and grew into a negative spiral of insecurity and fear. The outcome of my SPARK session was very surprising. Not only was I able to identify the cause of my insecurity, but I also learned a lot about myself, which was very valuable for me. And what can I say, looking back, my job perspective has turned around 180 degrees!

Matthias, 38

I took a SPARK session because I kept reaching my limits. Up to now, I had always tried to please others and put myself at the back of the queue. I got good feedback in my job, but was often stressed out. The session opened my eyes to why this was the case. After I got in touch (easily and in a very pleasant way!) with the parts of myself that had triggered this, I was able to let go of this behavior from the past that was no longer appropriate. I felt safe, accepted and supported the whole time during the session - and that was via Zoom! I never thought it would work so perfectly online. Today I take my own needs seriously and am much more relaxed.

Stephanie, 45

My first SPARK session was a very intense experience. With her sensitive, empathetic manner and the precise right questions, the coach managed to make me understand fears and pressures that I have been carrying inside me for as long as I can remember, and thus dissolve them. At first I had doubts, but then it was very easy for me to get into this state of deep relaxation and I was able to cooperate very well and then see changes very quickly, which encouraged me to continue. Today I am much more relaxed and the best thing is that I am losing weight without dieting. Simply like that!

Jennifer, 28
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