The SPARK Offer – Win-Win
for Everybody

The returns on your investment to the mental health of your employees are invaluable. Our easily accessible packages have one thing in common: they cover the needs of both management and the employees.

SPARK-Up your Health

Non-smoking programs, achieving desired weight, stress management, restful sleep


Public speaking, presentation skills, Improved performance, successful selling

SPARK-Up the best Version of you

Strengthen self-confidence, overcome fears, release mental blocks

Let´s spark together and transform mental health in your business.
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Top Quality:
our Promise

It is new. It makes us better: the solution-focused method we use was developed by the renown therapist Marisa Peer. Her innovative approach has turned the mental health industry on its head. Why? Because it meets the demands of today's world head on - it strengthens mental health in a rapid, transformative and sustainable way.


The Perfect

SPARK's highest premise is trust between client and coach. Sustainable results can only be achieved with a "perfect match" at eye level. That is why everyone is free to choose their coach from our pool. Should there still be no "spark", you can simply contact another coach.

Our Settings

SPARK is not only an internet platform, but also your partner for innovative solutions in the field of mental health. Our settings are as flexible as today's working world. But no matter how or where, we work together on your goals: All appointments take place in a protected, trusting setting. SPARK clients decide the date, the place and, above all, the content of the session.

Online Sessions

Where you are: There are many reasons why an online session can be useful for your employees. Within a "safe space" - i.e. within your own four walls - it may be easier to engage in processes with confidence. And, of course, it is also practical: there is no need to travel long distances. For our online sessions, we primarily use Google Meets.


Human and effective: If you prefer personal contact, you are in good hands with our face-to-face-sessions. We are happy to come to your company or welcome your employees at the premises of our SPARK coaches.

Team Sessions & Keynotes

We bring more SPARK to your company and make mental health a topic for your employees.

Would you like us to join your Townhall Meetings, Lunch & Learn Meetings, Conferences and more? Let us know.

Your team can benefit from our innovative method, learn about their amazing mental powers and how to use them for their own growth, for better results at work and a higher quality of life.

If you want to be happy and make the best use of your potential, change will be your steady companionship. We at SPARK will be pleased to support you on your development journey.


Let’s work together